Anini Beach Kauai Wedding Location

Anini Beach is a thin, long beach with a lot of trees. Because of the shade that the trees provide it’s a comfortable place to get married or have your paradise pictures taken professionally. It has almost no waves (being a shallow reef) but has a lot of pavilions, a camping area and a general beach area. It is often quite populated near the camping area, but since the beach is so long, it is easy to find secluded sections for a more private ceremony. Take a look at the following video I made in order to get a feel for this special location.

Anini Beach Kauai Wedding Locations

From a photographer’s point of view it’s a great place to take photos because it has a variety of backdrops. Curvy trees offer not only shade but creative landscapes to take interesting photos. Nice rocks offer places for people to sit and change height levels which looks nice in photos also. Then of course you have the ocean as a backdrop as well as beautiful greenery.

Here’s a second video I made to give you even more detail about Anini Beach Kauai wedding options.

Personally I like Anini beach more than Hanalei because there are not as many people there and because you can drive along a small road and locate where the people are that day to pick out the most private spot easily.

When planning a photo shoot or wedding there I recommend that my clients drive along this road to find the perfect spot and then to meet at the boat ramp right before the camping area. That way we all know where the best spot for that moment is and then we can drive (or walk) there together.

Here’s part three of my video series on this beautiful location.


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