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  • lei exchange

    The Meaning of the Lei Exchange at a Hawaiian Wedding

    The lei exchange is a part of every wedding we perform here at Aloha Ever After. Leis are a beautiful circle or wreath of local tropical flowers, usually worn around the shoulders as a necklace. They are composed of traditional Hawaiian flowers such as plumeria …

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  • Kauai Top 10

    The Kauai Top 10 List – The Must-See Spots on Kauai While You’re Getting Married

    Kauai is a truly awesome place to get married, and the great thing is that before and after the ceremony, there’s a lot of places you can check out, ranging from the spectacular to the sublime. Here is our “Kauai Top 10” list based on …

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  • Hawaii gay marriage

    Hawaii Gay Marriage and Photography

    Hawaii gay marriage is now legal and here to stay. Gay marriage has come to Hawaii effective December 2nd, 2013. Gays have every reason to celebrate. Parts of Hawaii are incredibly wonderful places to celebrate the union of same sex lovers and their children. Your …

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  • Kauai gay wedding

    Kauai Gay Weddings Now Officially Legal!

    Kauai gay weddings are officially legal! Governor of Hawaii Neil Abercrombie signed the bill which passed both the House and the Senate, today on Wednesday November 13th, 2013. This will make Hawaii the 15th state in the the United States to legalize gay marriage, and may …

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  • Hawaii gay marriage

    Hawaii Gay Marriage Now A Reality!

    Hawaii gay marriage is now a reality! Hawaii politicians have come of age with gay marriage. Today the Governor of Hawaii signed the gay marriage bill that was passed by the State Senate, amended by the State House, and confirmed again as amended by the …

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  • wedding day

    What to Expect When You’re Expecting … A Wedding Day with Aloha Ever After

    Wedding day time! It’s finally here! You’ve been looking forward to it for so long … so what do you need to expect when you’re expecting (not a baby, but your wedding day!)? In our eternal efforts to help customers feel as comfortable and stress-free as …

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  • Kauai beach wedding music

    Kauai Beach Wedding Music

    Kauai beach wedding music is an overlooked aspect of a Hawaiian beach wedding. Many people know ahead of time that they want certain aspect of their wedding, such as photography or flowers. However budget limitation often cast a slight shadow of doubt when it comes to …

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  • Hawaii beach wedding permit

    Hawaii Beach Wedding Permit and Marriage Licenses – Hawaii Beach Wedding Tips Part 5

    Hawaii beach wedding permits and marriage licenses are easier to organize than you think! The State of Hawaii has streamlined the processes and made it relatively simple and efficient to obtain both of them. With the Hawaii beach wedding permit, normally the wedding company who …

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  • plan your wedding

    How to Plan Your Wedding Step by Step – Hawaii Wedding Tips Part 4

    If you’re ready to actually plan your wedding, and work out all the little details, where do you begin? There’s so much to organize! Dates, guests, dresses, flowers … it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We at Aloha Ever After specialize in helping those about to be …

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  • Wedding Reception on Kauai

    Wedding Reception on Kauai – Hawaii Wedding Tips Part 6

    A wedding reception on Kauai comes in all shapes and sizes. There are so many options! Depending on your group size, you could have your wedding reception in a private room at a restaurant, or even book the whole restaurant for the night. You could …

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