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  • Kauai marriage license

    The Top 9 Things You Need to Know about Getting a Kauai Marriage License

    First of all, you don’t need to do much about your Kauai marriage license if you have a good wedding coordinator. However since people ask me questions about their Kauai marriage license on the phone all the time, I have compiled a list of all …

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  • mother-in-law

    How to Deal With Your Mother-in-Law

    Your mother-in-law may be the biggest challenge you have to face in getting married. I’m not kidding! Even if you have everything else worked out – where you’re going to live, what jobs you’ll have, whether you’ll have kids or not – you may find …

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  • Marriage

    Setting The Right Course for Your Marriage From Before It Starts

    Everyone dreams of saying “I do” to the person of our dreams and living happily ever after. However, before we even get to the years of sincere work and compromise it’s important to start the entire path off on the right foot. How do we …

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  • Wedding Vows

    Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

    Writing your own wedding vows is way more original and interesting than just reciting someone else’s. Why just say what someone else thought, wrote or said? Whether you’re getting married in Hawaii or elsewhere, on the beach or in a church, one thing is for sure: …

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  • The Origins of the Wedding Rings

    Have you ever wondered where the tradition of Wedding Rings came from? Why do we wear them on our left hand? What do wedding rings symbolize? In Egyptian times, and later with the Romans and other Pagan cultures throughout Europe, finger rings were worn only …

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