Eloping? Get Married in Hawaii, the New Las Vegas for Destination Weddings


Eloping? Get married in Hawaii! Hawaii is the new Las Vegas for destination weddings, with beautiful sunsets and romantic beach locations for every wedding.

Eloping? Then consider Hawaii – not Las Vegas – as the best spot

for your destination wedding. Hawaii is the new Las Vegas! Tens of thousands of eloping couples make their way every year to the beautiful sandy beaches and tropical lush scenery of these tropical islands, whether it be Honolulu, Maui, Kauai or the other islands in the Hawaiian chain.

Eloping is not what is used to be. Eloping used to be a taboo custom. It had a negative connotation – running away from your parents and purposely getting married somewhere that they cannot find you or stop you. Today eloping can mean anything from “We just want to do our wedding and our honeymoon at the same time (but if you want to come and have the money I guess you can)” to “We’d just as soon not have to deal with the inlaws. We’d rather spend our time drinking a mai tai on the beach … but no offense and we’ll try to get you a video (or at least photos) so you feel included”.

For many years Las Vegas attracted people because of the glitz, glamour, casinos and party atmosphere. However, these days more and more people want to get away from it all. People want to return to Nature. Although Vegas has plenty of flashing neon lights and pretty girls, it’s quite an artificial place; it wouldn’t exist without a lot of water being pumped in from afar. In that respect, it’s the diametric opposite of lush Hawaii, where there is so much rain that plants, flowers and fruit trees grow everywhere, even on the side of road! When it comes to the beauty of the environment, beaches, jungles, waterfalls and greenery, Las Vegas really cannot compare to Hawaii.

Another reason why many engaged couples are eloping to Hawaii is because it’s more exotic than Nevada. Even though Hawaii is technically one of the 50 US states, it’s very different to the lower 48 or the “mainland” as we call it here. It was its own country before it was taken over at gunpoint. Hawaiian language and culture still remains today, as do many descendents, some pure, most mixed, from those Hawaiian people who lived during the late 19th century. It has an Polynesian flair and tropical flavor to it, as can be seen from the fresh flower leis and the coconut trees lining the shore to the delicious local fish served in the restaurants here. Eloping to Hawaii is a great way to get a touch of the exotic without actually leaving the US. You’ll save lots of money and hassle, as well as travel time.

Hawaii is hard to beat when it comes to honeymoons. If you are eloping, then you are already starting your honeymoon on vacation or holiday, so why not choose one of the most beautiful spots on Earth to relax and have some fun? With activities such as snorkeling, whale watching, hiking, scuba diving and surfing, as well as first class resorts, spas and restaurants, it’s easy to see why Hawaii is becoming a popular choice for eloping couples.

Finally, if you have decided to elope and know you won’t be getting married in your hometown church, chapel or other religious venue, why not choose a stunningly beautiful, sunset-filled backdrop to your wedding? There’s nothing quite like it. Watching a couple in love getting married on the beach, walking barefoot on the sand, with the ocean gently washing their feet – it’s a scene that is sure to warm the heart of any romantic!

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