Hawaiian Weddings for Canadians


Hawaiian weddings for Canadians? Most definitely: 29% of Canadians visiting Hawaii are here for a destination wedding.

Hawaiian weddings for Canadians

seem to be a trendy and “in” thing. According to official governmental statistics (just received via the KWPA [Kauai Wedding Professionals Association], of which Aloha Ever After is a member) for the County of Kauai in the State of Hawaii, there are many Canadians who visit the Garden Island of Kauai every year, and an amazing 29% of these Canadian visitors are coming for a destination wedding! Hawaiian weddings for Canadians are obviously a popular way to get married.

Why Hawaiian weddings for Canadians?

So why Hawaiian weddings for Canadians, eh? My guess is that many Canadians, after freezing their butts off through a long, cold and arduous winter, are ready for a change. They’re ready to trade in their snowboard for a surfboard – at least for a few weeks – and go somewhere warm, tropical and more exotic. Not only that, but they get to experience some of the best aspects of the United States without all the pollution, traffic and busyness of typical American life. Additionally, since Canada and the USA both speak English, there’s no language barrier; and having Canada recognize an legally-performed marriage in the USA is relatively straightforward (as a minister I have performed several wedding ceremonies for non-US citizens; the process of getting your US marriage certificate validated in non-US countries is easily done through the Apostille process. Ask me about it and I can help you).

Canadians and Hawaiian destination weddings: it’s a very good match, all in all.

Lastly, as a world traveler myself, I appreciate the goodwill, friendliness and humor of Canadians, many of whom seem to like gallivanting all over the world. They’re great people. If you are a Canadian, or you know any Canadians who’d like to have a Hawaii destination wedding, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 877-711-3003 or email us at info@alohaeverafter.com. We’d love to hear from you and help you plan your dream wedding!

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Joel McDonaldJoel is an ordained minister, certified to perform wedding, civil union and vow renewal ceremonies in Hawaii. He would be honored to be part of your special ceremony, and loves the intimate and deep nature of the vow exchange and wedding ceremony, one of the most sacred and important moments of your life! Joel is a spiritual, non denominational minister who sees the truth in all religions, and would be happy to accommodate whatever kind of ceremony you desire. Joel incorporates Hawaiian elements into the event. He performs a Hawaiian Conch Shell Blessing before the ceremony, a Hawaiian Blessing after the ceremony, and is happy to do a pre-wedding vow consultation at no additional cost. He can send you sample wedding vows or help you write your own. He also offers the special Sand or Water Ceremony. Joel and Timory were blessed to have their wedding ceremony and reception (both planned by Aloha Ever After) on one of Kauai’s beautiful beaches at sunset. It was outrageously gorgeous!View all posts by Joel McDonald →

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