Kauai beach wedding music

Kauai Beach Wedding Music

Kauai beach wedding music

Kauai beach wedding music adds a touch of romance, class and atmosphere to your ceremony.

Kauai beach wedding music

is an overlooked aspect of a Hawaiian beach wedding. Many people know ahead of time that they want certain aspect of their wedding, such as photography or flowers. However budget limitation often cast a slight shadow of doubt when it comes to music. Almost everyone loves live music and would of course prefer having it over not having it … but is it worth the cost?

Traditional styles of Hawaiian beach music

Traditional styles of Hawaiian beach music begin with the famous Ukulele. Guitar (with or without vocals) is also a very popular choice. We prefer with vocals as then you can have both songs with and without vocals in the repertoire to create a greater depth of variety without paying additional musicians.

Other music options range from (but are not limited to) violin, harp or a trio or quartet of string instruments. Some people really get into the Hawaiian spirit and hire a quartet of Hawaiian dancers and musicians. They basically come and put on a personal mini luau show for you and your guests (anywhere you want) complete with drumming, hula dancing, guitar, singing and fire dancing! If you are trying to stand apart from other Kauai beach weddings, or impress and reward your guests, this is definitely the option for you.

Live Kauai beach wedding music – there’s no substitute

There is simply no substitute for live music on a gorgeous white sandy Kauai beach. No iPod or CD player could possibly carry the sound over the waves and the wind … and the depth of feeling and emotion a live musican adds to an emotional event such as a wedding is certainly not something to be easily swept under the budget carpet.

If you have any guests, they will be delighted by the entertainers as they wait for your arrival. And for you as the bride or groom, imagine walking towards your ceremony and hearing someone sweetly singing and playing a beautiful ukulele or guitar. As you get closer they are looking straight at you and playing your song, just for you! Everyone is smiling and feeling the emotion of your song. Then, once the ceremony ends and the minister says “you may now kiss the bride”, the romantic music starts up again! As you proceed through the wedding photos, your musician follows you around and beautiful music follows your every move. It’s like your personal romance is filling the air.

In my opinion this is a great use of money, so I suggest that you do what you can to go ahead get the musician of your choice (whether you’re having guests or not) for at least an hour if you can at all swing the cost.

Kauai beach wedding music prices

The standard price for the first hour of a professional Hawaiian musician costs around $250. Additional time can normally be added on at a discounted rate, but not always. If you are interested in booking musicians through Aloha Ever After, you can check our some of the Kauai beach wedding music options on our A La Carte page.

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