Kauai Wedding Locations

Kauai wedding location

There is many a breathtaking Kauai wedding location! Ask us for help in choosing one for you.

Aloha Ever After’s list of Kauai wedding locations (many on the beach) is the place to start when seeking the perfect spot for your Hawaii wedding or vow renewal ceremony. The Garden Isle has some of the most beautiful beaches in the state. Additionally, you could find your Kauai wedding location on the grounds of the island’s many resorts and hotels, as well as in hidden and private botanical garden and tropical waterfall spots.

Kauai Wedding/Photo Location: Lydgate Beach (East Side)

Located near the sacred Wailua river, on the east side of Kauai (near Kapaa), Lydgate Beach is a hidden jewel and our personal favorite when it comes to Kauai wedding locations. Since most visitors do not know about the private hidden area within the longer beach, it is rare to see another wedding there (unlike the crowd of weddings at Shipwrecks!). Every beach on Kauai is public, so there is never a guarantee that you will have the beach to yourself, but this is the most likely of the beaches (with easy accessibility) to have a private ceremony. If someone is there, they will likely be at the other end of the beach, fishing or taking a walk. Because of its privacy, we recommend Lydgate Beach as the best beach location for a private wedding.

(Note: in the unlikely event of a rain plan being necessary, Lydgate beach has pavilions which provide a covered area to conduct the wedding free of charge.)

Kauai Wedding/Photo Location: Anahola Beach (East Side)

Another of the East Side Kauai wedding locations, Anahola Beach is long stretch of beach with a great variety of backdrops – river, mountain and forest. It is “the” beach of choice for local Hawaiians to hang out, go fishing or spend an afternoon with their friends and family around a barbecue. If you are looking for an authentic Hawaiian feel, this is the beach for you. Luckily, as the beach is so long, it is still easy to find a quiet, private spot where you can get married.

Kauai Wedding/Photo Location: Kealia Bluff (East Side)

Kealia Beach is a beautiful beach on the east side of Kauai, often frequented by locals on the weekend after a hard week’s work. Just to the south of Kealia Beach itself, and up above looking over it, is wonderful private Kauai wedding or photo location that we have called Kealia Bluff or Kealia Lookout. It is a mostly unknown spot with no official name, although there is a car park very close to it. Kealia Bluff is a great choice for people wanting a high cliff location, overlooking the ocean, without having to pay the high prices charged by resorts and hotels for such a spot. The following photos feature both Kealia Bluff and Kealia Lookout.

kauai wedding photo location kealia beach 4

Kauai Wedding/Photo Location: Nukolii Beach (East Side)

This Kauai wedding location is located near the Kauai Beach Resort hotel, on the east side of Kauai (between Lihue and Wailua/Kapaa). Nukolii Beach is a beautiful and secluded little beach that rarely gets a lot of visitors. A hidden gem, this location has a tree to two for minimal shade (not too much) and parking nearby at the resort, although like all beaches in Hawaii it’s a public beach and open to anyone. Although it’s not the best swimming beach it is great for weddings!

Kauai Wedding/Photo Location: Anini Beach (North Shore)

Anini Beach is a thin, long beach with a lot of trees. It has almost no waves (shallow reef) but a lot of pavilions, a camping area and a general beach area. It is often quite populated near the camping area, but since the beach is so long, it is easy to find secluded sections for a more private ceremony, making it another great Kauai wedding location.

Kauai Wedding/Photo Location: Hanalei Bay (North Shore)

Hanalei Bay is a picturesque Kauai wedding location. It boasts a variety of beautiful backdrops: the pier, the large mountains and the long, wide beach, curving around the bay. It is a bay which is calm in the summer but with large waves in the winter, and thus has many visitors. The two main places to get married at Hanalei Bay are by the pier and by the pine trees, but of course you can choose to get married wherever you like best.

Kauai Wedding/Photo Location: Shipwrecks Beach (South Shore)

Shipwrecks Beach (aka Keoniloa Bay), located in Poipu, is a long, lovely beach. However, because of its proximity to large resorts, it is quite populated every day so you will never be alone on this beach. It’s the most popular Kauai wedding location beach. Depending on the day, you may be one of many weddings happening at the same. Understandably this is not preferable to most couples who would rather have a more private ceremony. For this reason, we generally recommend Shipwrecks as a back-up beach in case of rain, and not as a first choice.

Kauai Wedding/Photo Location: Mahaulepu (South Shore)

Mahaulepu is an unusual Kauai wedding location. It’s located in Poipu, past Shipwrecks beach, at the end of a long, bumpy dirt road. It’s a beautiful beach, off the beaten path. There are plenty of pine trees for shade, and often a monk seal may be seen resting on the sand at the end of the beach. The beach has cliffs and mountain views. Visitors are allowed at this beach only until 6pm. (There may be a possible extra travel fee for some vendors.)

Kauai Wedding/Photo Location: Tunnels Beach (North Shore)

Tunnels Beach is a beautiful beach at the end of the road on the North Shore (in Haena). The majestic backdrop of Bali Hai make it a stunning location Kauai wedding location. As long as the sky is clear, at sunset you can watch the sun dip down into the ocean. The only drawback to Tunnels is that, since it is on the North Shore, it can be wet, especially during the winter months.


A Premier Eastside Resort Kauai Wedding Location

This location is on Kauai’s east side and is a premier location to get married (and hold a reception) on Kauai.

Alternative Kauai Wedding Locations (Gardens, Waterfalls and More)

There really are an abundance of Kauai wedding locations. Kauai is blessed with an abundance of hidden waterfalls, tropical settings, botanical gardens, jungle and mountain scenery, and more. Some of these contain picturesque rivers and bridges. They make a stunning setting for a wedding, and a beautiful backdrop for photos.

Note: There is a $50 to $75 extra charge for any of the beaches north of Anini.

What happens if it rains? It rarely happens that there is rain during our weddings – we have wonderful luck with the weather, and even if it does rain it’s normally so brief it does not matter (tropical Kauai sprinkles pass in just a few minutes).

kauai rain plan option

A good option for a Kauai wedding location if it rains.

If it is necessary to create a rain plan our talented wedding coordinators will come up with a “Plan B” Kauai wedding location that is dry. As a general rule of thumb, rainy season on Kauai is from November to February, and it is generally wetter on the north shore than anywhere else. It is almost always drier and more sunny on the south shore, even during rainy season.
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