Kauai Wedding Reception

Need help planning your Kauai Wedding Reception?

Aloha Ever After can also coordinate your Kauai Wedding Reception – big or small, grand or cosy, whether it be at a private location, restaurant or a Kauai hotel or resort.


A beautiful sunset in the tropics: a Kauai Wedding Reception can be truly magical.

If you’ve come all this way to have a Kauai Destination Wedding, why not have a Kauai Wedding Reception too? We love planning events and celebrations, and can help make you dream wedding reception come true – from unique decorating ideas to banquet food to tents to DJs to dance floors to Hawaiian hula dancers to belly dancers to fire dancers. The options are endless; let us know your budget and we’ll help create the perfect celebration within that framework. Please see our A La Carte page and remember, if you have an idea which is not found on this page, Aloha Ever After can make it happen.

We would love to help you with your Kauai wedding reception, no matter what size! Take a look at our Kauai wedding reception photo gallery below, which features some at the numerous events we’ve organized over the years.

Kauai Wedding Reception: Hotel, Garden and Private Venues

Kauai Wedding Reception: Restaurant Receptions

Kauai Wedding Reception: Decor

A pineapple theme is popular way to go for a Kauai Wedding Reception. This one combined the contrast of burlap and lace, with a tropical touch of pineapple and coconut:

Here are some other ideas for reception decor, using special lighting, candles, accents and a whole range of beautiful tropical flowers:

Kauai Wedding Reception: Dancing

Dancing is super fun part of any reception! We can organize DJs, musicians, bands, dance floors (if you are having the event outside in a tent) and a host of other exciting entertainers such as hula dancers, belly dancers and fire dancers.

Kauai Wedding Reception: Cakes

We can help you with cakes of all styles, sizes and kinds!

Kauai Wedding Reception: Celebratory and Intimate Moments

What You Need to Know to Plan a Kauai Wedding Reception

A reception is not like a wedding when it comes to planning. Before planning a reception, it is preferable to know an approximate number of people who will attend. This is not the exact number nor the number of people you invited. A good rule of thumb is that approximately 50% of people you invited will actually make it to Kauai. This is unlike a typical Kauai beach wedding, which can be planned in exactly the same way regardless of the number of guests expected.

We treat the wedding reception as a different entity, and it is not included in any of our packages. We tailor each and every reception as a unique event. The reception has a separate $250+ deposit of its own.

Kauai Wedding Reception: Small Groups (2-15)

For small groups of around 2-15, the easiest and most economical choice is a restaurant. Although you can easily make restaurant reservations yourself with your restaurant of choice, Aloha Ever After would be happy to help with decorating to help the event feel more like a real reception or celebration and less like a normal dinner out! You could do this by renting for the night the entire restaurant or a section of it (which both require a large deposit and money commitment), a smaller room or section of the restaurant or just a large table. Many restaurants on Kauai are able to do this, but some restaurants may ask you to sign a contract specifying a minimum spending amount.

Kauai Wedding Reception: Mid-Sized Groups (15-25)

A mid-sized group of around 15-25 people is a common group number. There are a lot of options for this size. As with the above small group, you could use a restaurant in a variety of ways – private room, small section or whole restaurant. Alternatively, you could rent out a condo or vacation rental for a day or the week, and throw a party there. There are many stunning and gorgeous properties on Kauai, some beachfront, some perched on cliffs, some with wonderful tropical flower gardens. Renting a tent may be too costly for this sized group depending on your budget. If you want to find a good vacation rental, you’ll need to do some footwork by contacting the numerous private owners thru the VRBO website. If you do not live on island, we can help be your eyes and ears on Kauai once you have narrowed down your choices.

Kauai Wedding Reception: Large Groups (25+)

For a large group of 25+, the most popular option is using one of Kauai’s many hotels or resorts. Kauai has many high-end resorts and hotels. This will be very expensive, but very classy. Otherwise, you could rent a vacation rental and then have a huge party – complete with a tent, catering, plates, cups, silverware, linens, chairs, tables, decorating, photography, videography, music, DJ, dance floor and more. People are often surprised at how much it costs to rent a tent and all of the above items or to use a private space within a hotel/resort … but it is the preferred venue to have your own private celebration. Aloha Ever After specializes in putting together the decoration theme for you (or with you if you like) as well as making sure each and every detail of the entire night is handled in a relaxing way so that you have the best celebration of your life!

One thing to note with tent-type party receptions is that the cost is same for base setup, regardless of how many guests attend.

Finally, it is good to remember that you can keep your Kauai wedding reception cost effective. We at Aloha Ever After know many ways to cut corners and keep within a budget. Likewise, we also know how to give your reception a Hawaiian flair, whether that be with fire-dancers or anything else.

Our video below gives you a great overview of where to begin:

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