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Why Lydgate Beach is the Best Kauai Private Beach Wedding Location

Kauai private beach wedding locations are hard to come by, given that all beaches on the Hawaiian Islands are public, and no one can ever guarantee a perfectly private beach. That having been said, Lydgate Beach is the closest many beaches will come to it. It’s a hidden jewel on the gorgeous tropical island of Kauai. If you came to Kauai to get away and to get married somewhere private, Lydgate is for you; it really is a superb Kauai private beach wedding location. Check out this short video we made to see for yourself…

Kauai Private Beach Wedding Heaven

Lydgate Beach is located near the sacred Wailua river, on the east side of Kauai (near Kapaa). Since most visitors (and even some residents) do not know about our secluded area within the longer popular beach, it is rare to see another wedding there (unlike the crowd of weddings at Shipwrecks!). There are plenty of remote beaches on Kauai that would be perfectly private … but most of them are very difficult to access (i.e. you need a kayak, etc), whereas Lydgate often looks like this…

Lydgate Beach

This is the most accessible of the popular beaches at which to have a private ceremony. If someone is there, they will likely be at the other end of the beach, fishing or taking a walk. Because it is so unknown and quite secluded, we recommend Lydgate Beach as the best Kauai private beach wedding location. Depending on the tides it can hold anywhere from 10-100 guests, so if you’re having a large group of guests (e.g. over 20) we will check the tide scruple to assure there is enough sand to stand comfortably on dry sand. For guests 20 and less this is not an issue.

Lydgate is also a practical choice because it has trees to provide shade or cover, open exposed sandy areas for sun, lush greenery for green backgrounds and logs and lava rocks to use as photo props for couple shots after the wedding. Speaking of which check out this short video of a couple we recently married at this spot…

And if you want memorable photos…

The classic couple walking along the beach off into the sunset shot is perfect at this beach. Depending on the season’s storms any beach can have driftwood to varying degrees, as is the case with Lydgate. The sands are golden and the beaches are long, broken up with a few nice rocky coves that provide a delightful backdrop for a variety of photos. Angled in several directions photographers have a variety of beach backgrounds which often have a gorgeous pink and blue glow with sunset colors during the sunset hours. The following is but one example of the kind of shot we mean…
Lydgate Beach

So, if you’re thinking of getting married on Kauai, there are many beautiful and romantic wedding locations, but make sure you consider Lydgate, the best Kauai private beach wedding location!

Note: in the unlikely event of a rain plan being necessary, Lydgate beach has pavilions which provide a covered area to conduct the wedding free of charge.

Lydgate beach coupleLydgate beach heartLydgate beach wedding pose

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