The Origins of the Wedding Rings

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of Wedding Rings came from?

Why do we wear them on our left hand? What do wedding rings symbolize?

Modern Day Wedding Rings

Modern Day Wedding Rings

In Egyptian times, and later with the Romans and other Pagan cultures throughout Europe, finger rings were worn only by the elite class to symbolize wealth and power. For marriages, the Egyptians believed that the vein in the ring finger of the left hand led straight to the heart, so the wearer of a wedding ring makes a commitment with the heart. The shape of the ring was a symbol of eternity: no beginning, no end. It is also the shape of the Sun and the Moon. Gold is associated with the Sun, worshiped by the Egyptians.

The Romans used plain iron wedding rings in matrimony. The groom gave a ring to the bride as a legal agreement and to symbolize his commitment and financial ability to care for the bride. This bound the bride to her husband, making her his property. Later, in the ninth century, Pope Nicholas adopted the Roman tradition for Christian ceremonies.

The Irish believed it bad luck to wear a wedding ring made of anything but gold. They were also superstitious about the ring’s fit; too tight, and there could be jealousy and control in the marriage; too loose, and the marriage could fall apart.

So, when you place the ring on your beloved’s finger, you become part of the ancient tradition of eternal love and commitment, passed through many cultures, continuing without end.

Here at Aloha Ever After, we work with a variety of ministers who conduct Kauai wedding ceremonies that use wedding rings in conjunction with a water or sand ceremony to bless the rings for a successful marriage. Please give us a call (877-711-3003) for more information. We’d love to help you plan your dream wedding!

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