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Photography is arguably the most important aspect of a wedding for many couples. The day speeds by so quickly that it is wonderful to have beautiful keepsake photos both to preserve memories and to share with loved ones – especially since many friends and relatives may not be able to attend a far away Kauai Wedding!

If a picture says 1000 words, then what better way to include your loved ones who could not make it than to share an entire photo shoot with them when you return? Kauaiian wedding photography with Aloha Ever After is the perfect answer to including those loved ones too far away to be at your Hawaiian wedding in person.

Our friendly house photographer, Timory McDonald, has a knack for helping people relax and open up to both her and the camera, even if they are normally shy or resist being in photos. So, if you have someone in your wedding party who does not like to have their picture taken, then relax – Timory is an expert at getting even the most reluctant or self conscious person to open up and actually smile for that “one in a million” shot you’ll want to enlarge and hang on your wall for years to come!

Timory has a delightful sense of humor and really helps bring life to any Kauai photo shoot. She not only takes gorgeous photos that will become family heirlooms … but she also takes humorous and playful shots that tell a story. In a short time Timory is able to find the love story within you!

Getting Ready

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Let’s not forget one of the quinessential parts of a bride’s wedding portfolio … the getting ready shots!

Playful Photos While Having Fun

Family Weddings With Kids

Timory, a parent of two small ones, is an expert at including children of all ages in the photos in a skillful and playful way. She has a talent for connecting with children and taking beautiful shots in a way that makes them happy, or gives them a break if needed, with minimum fuss and no temper tantrums! She allows them to weave in and out of the photos as they are ready and willing, bonding with them and bringing out a smile from deep within. Parents and kids love her!

Photo Journalism

You’ve paid so much to get here and have a wedding on Kauai. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a series of fun photos to tell the story of your Kauai wedding day, in images instead of words? Aloha Ever After specializes in photojournalism, the art of capturing an entire story in photos. What a smart investment to preserve your memories and share them with your friends!

These cliff notes to a fabulous story (as shown below) begin the day before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner Poipu. It continues on the next morning with everyone getting ready, the beautiful ceremony at the Grand Hyatt and continues on late into the night at their beautiful reception.

We are able to present you with the gift of capturing the intimate moments of one of the most important days of you life in a set of images that tell a story. The photo shoot can begin whenever you decide – as early as the engagement photos or the rehearsal dinner … before the wedding for those classic “getting ready” shots … or when the ceremony begins (which is when most of our clients choose to start). Regardless of when she shoots her first shot, Timory tells an impressive amount within a short time – the unplanned subtle glances that show so much … the sweet tears expressing a deep and endless love … the outward laughs that show deep joy.

Timory can tell the story of your love better than you think she could, given that she meets most couples on the sand at their Kauai wedding for such a brief period. When you see yourself through her photography, you are able to see more than just two people getting married. You are able to see the inner dynamics you share with your partner, your true feelings, a true love story in images … for you to treasure and keep forever.

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