plan your wedding

How to Plan Your Wedding Step by Step – Hawaii Wedding Tips Part 4

plan your wedding

Learn how to plan your wedding step by step in a relaxed, methodical way so all the details are covered.

If you’re ready to actually plan your wedding,

and work out all the little details, where do you begin? There’s so much to organize! Dates, guests, dresses, flowers … it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We at Aloha Ever After specialize in helping those about to be married (especially would-be brides) to relax and take the wedding planning journey one step at a time. If you’re ready to begin to plan your wedding in Hawaii, this article will help you do it in a methodical, logical fashion, so all the details get remembered!

Our video below gives you a great overview of how to plan your wedding step by step:

Step #1: Choose a date and make a deposit

If you want to plan your wedding, you need first and foremost to have a definite date! Everything revolves around that, from reserving vendors to inviting guests. Since the weather is so hot year round in Hawaii, you don’t necessarily need to choose the summer months when celebrating a wedding here. It may be wiser to choose the spring or autumn/fall months, when the temperature is slightly cooler. Also, there is no reason why you couldn’t get married in Hawaii in winter (many do).

Once you have the date confirmed, the next step is to put down a deposit with a company you trust. That way you get the ball rolling and things can begin to be organized.

Step #2: Choose your most important vendors

Almost every Kauai wedding we at Aloha Ever After coordinate has some extra service involved (outside of the minister). This could be photography, videography, live music or many more. The people who perform these services are called vendors in the wedding industry. The next step in planning your wedding is to choose which vendors you want, so these key people can be booked in advance and you can secure their services.

Step #3: Balance your budget with your priorities

Of course, we all want everything! But the reality is that we have a budget. So in this next step you really need to get clear on what is most important and least important to you. What could you forgo? What could you not live without? Our advice is prioritize those things which will last forever (e.g. photography or videography) rather than those things which will be over that day (e.g. arriving in a limo or live music).

Step #4: Choose the package or list of services closest to your dream

Many companies such as ours offer Kauai wedding packages for you to choose from. They often cover the spectrum from simple and inexpensive to complex and pricey. By choosing all the services you want in a package, you can save money. And don’t worry, because at Aloha Ever After, we are more than happy to add or subtract any item from any package – just see our A La Carte page for exact item prices.

Step #5: Choose your location

At this stage of planning your wedding, you need to choose which exact location you want. We offer a good overview of Kauai locations, and if you are interested in knowing more about a specific beach, please see our focused articles and videos on Lydgate beach and Anini beach, two of the best Kauai wedding locations.

Step #6: Return to unresolved lower priorities and flowers

Finally, to plan your wedding from beginning to end, you can now return to any unresolved lower priorities and see if you can fit them in your budget and ceremony. Also, now is the time to consider exactly which type and color of flowers you would like.

We hope you have found this helpful. If you like, feel free to download and use our Wedding Planning Checklist to plan your wedding to perfection!

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