Reviews and Testimonials

Listen to some reviews and testimonials from previous Aloha Ever After clients …

“We just got married at Lydgate Beach. It was absolutely marvellous. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. We just wanted to say we really appreciated everything. We loved Caitlin. She was wonderful – I haven’t had anyone be able to do an updo with me (because I have such long hair), but she took the time with a trail run beforehand. We were able to talk it through, and worked out everything. I am really glad I put my hair up. It was supposed to be a windy day (as you can see it’s really windy; I have this little tendril that’s coming up in front of my mouth!). Everything was just marvellous. I really enjoyed being with Joel (the minster). Joel really made me feel at ease, made me feel so comfortable. I really enjoyed it.

—Testimonial from Chris and Anne, Virginia, 2015

“We’ve had a wonderful day today on our ceremony. Aloha Ever After has made it so special. They welcomed us every step of the way, gave us information about Kauai and what we could do here, and helped our day be seamless and happy.”

“We chose Aloha Ever After due to their great videos on YouTube, their attention to detail, their offering of free information about Kauai and the way they communicated and kept in touch with us.”

—Testimonial from Diana and Sara, Ohio, 2015

“We want to thank you for creating a beautiful and treasured video of our wedding day. I am so grateful that you were there with us capturing all of the amazing moments – some of which might have easily been forgotten in the energy of the day. Thanks so much.”

–Testimonial from Laura & Randy, Minnesota, 2019


Testimonial from Cindy and Ralph

“Aloha Caitlin! We wanted to say mahalo for all of your coordination and support in the planning of our perfect wedding ceremony and the preparation beforehand. You kept me calm, which was no small task in itself. Lots of things seemed to come up didn’t they, including a potential hurricane!? 😉 Seriously?! You did a wonderful job and we really appreciate it!”

—Testimonial from Cindy, California, 2014


Testimonial from Susan and Jason

“Hi Timory and Joel,

Thanks so much for all you did. The wedding was beautiful and exceeded our expectations!

Timory thanks for responding back to us so quickly in the very beginning of our search for a planner. LeAna, you did a great job of keeping us updated as the time went on. The wedding plans were perfect for us, as we both are very busy most of the time, we didn’t have anything to worry about!

Even though there was a big time difference in the time, someone from AlohaEverAfter always got back to us in a timely fashion and had all the answers to our questions.

Joel, the ceremony could not have been better, everything you had said was perfect for us. Dr. Seuss is one of Susan’s favorite! We could not had ask for more!!

The music was amazing and the beach was beautiful. What a great day in our life together!


I have to reiterate in this testimonial how happy I am with your services … I could tell that Timory and LeAna were both totally on top of things and have had plenty of experience in long distance wedding planning. While I am not picky I do appreciate quality and I truly know we got quality planning with you.

I loved the site of our ceremony and I loved the Coral Reef Hotel beautician who did my hair who was so caring … I love that LeAna cared so much about getting real blue flowers for my bouquet up until the last minute! The ceremony that Joel performed was honestly life changing. The combination of the lei ceremony, the mixing of waters and the sayings from 1st Corinthians as well as Dr. Seuss made me feel like it was written just for us. The addition of the guitar player added a romantic vibe that I truly appreciated. He played the best songs while staying in the background perfectly. I can’t wait to see the photographs that Timory took because I can tell that she cared about every shot she took with us. I am honestly crying when I send this because I can’t believe how perfect and beautiful the ceremony was and how much I wish we would have gotten a video … Thank you again! Mahalo!”

—Testimonial from Jason and Susan, Illinois, 2014

“Hi Timory, Joel and LeAna,

We wanted to thank you all for making our Wedding Day so easy, with no stress, and so Beautiful!! It was perfect!! And we loved how Joel did the Ceremony – he was wonderful!! And loved how Timory set up the guests all around us, being so patient with all of the family photos and being so great with our 3 year old granddaughter. Mia, my hair and make-up person, did an amazing job!! LeAna was great too!! She answered all my questions and got back to me quickly!! It was a great experience and thank you all for making our Wedding Day so perfect!!!! We truly had a great time and it was a beautiful day!! :))

Thank You!!

—Testimonial from Kathy and Mitch, Texas, 2014

—Testimonial from Stephanie and Alex, Nevada, 2014

—Testimonial from Leslie and Susan, Indiana, 2014

“We’re on Anini Beach here having our wedding tonight on a beautiful sunset night, beautiful weather, working with Timory. Everything has just been great. The services are spectacular. We haven’t had to worry about anything working with Timory! Everything went off without a hitch. We’re about ready to head to our reception. Thank you Timory! Thank you Aloha Ever After! Aloha! Mahalo!” (taken on location at a wedding ceremony at Anini Beach, Kauai, Hawaii)

—Testimonial from Rachel and Brady, Washington, 2013

Tamara Testimonial


Aloha Ever After, and specifically owner and photographer Timory McDonald, did a great job for us. What a fantastic company to use for all of your wedding needs! We got married on 11/11/13 on Kauai, and Timory was our angel throughout the entire process. She organized everything from the photography, videography and photo booth to the beautiful custom centerpieces. Mahalo!

—Testimonial from Tamara, California, 2013

Chrissie and Ross Testimonial

Ross and Chrissie

Thank you for all the wonderful photographs you took of our wedding. It was hard to pick just one for our thank you cards! We enjoyed getting to work with you and couldn’t be happier with our photos!

—Testimonial from Chrissie and Ross, California, 2013

Emma's Testimonial of AlohaEverAfter Wedding Services


I just want to tell you that everything has been so much more than expected. You really are amazing. We cannot say enough about Timory’s services. From the moment we first spoke, she was full of ideas and suggestions that helped us take some of the confusion out of our wedding day. She is beyond professional in her planning, but completely approachable and laid-back. We were able to pull off a surprise wedding (our guests had no clue until right before the officiant began) without a hitch and under budget. She helped us find Pat (the officiant) who was the absolute perfect match for our needs. He was able to put together a personal and heartfelt service without the need for a rehearsal. From the flowers to the transportation to the luau afterwards, Timory is the only reason it all worked so perfectly.

There are many brides who crack under the stress of their weddings. Their magical day is crushed by a missed or forgotten detail. There was no chance that would happen. Aloha Ever After was in constant contact with us from day 1. Whether through email or phone calls, we could count on them to keep us up to speed and on track. Timory was also our photographer. If you are planning to get married in Hawaii, then the best island to do it on is Kauai and the only person I would trust to coordinate it would be Timory McDonald.

When received the CD of all the photos I was absolutely in awe! I love the photos so much. It is going to be hard to narrow everything down (to my favorites)!

—Testimonial from Emma, Texas, 2010

Ingrid and Bruce-Kawika

Ingrid and Bruce-Kawika

I want to say with all my heart that I deeply appreciate the quality of the photos you took with my parents on their visit to Kauai. Thanks so much.

—Testimonial from Ingrid and Bruce-Kawika, Hawaii, 2012

Kim Wong

Kim Wong

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so so so much for helping us with our wedding. Everything turned out better than we could have imagined! Bettie was amazing with hair and make up (my hair was cute and breezy on the bottom and stayed where it needed to on top). My make up lasted the whole night. Bettie was even prepared for my unpreparedness. I didn’t bring any lipstick or gloss on my trip for whatever reason, so she gave me some on a stick to touch up when I needed to. She’s great! Magenta picked the perfect spot on the most perfect beach for us. As for the photos, Kalasara made us feel comfortable, and thought up some great poses for us! We even got a nice rainbow on the way home to make it extra special! We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so very much.

—Testimonial from Kim, Canada, 2012

Russ and Kari

We can’t thank you enough for all you have done! We appreciate it more than you will ever know! We really appreciate all you guys have done for us. It was our perfect dream wedding. And the bouquet was absolutely beautiful.

—Testimonial from Russ and Kari, Washington, 2012

Craig and Bethany

We owe you a HUGE thank you! You all helped make our special day better than perfect! Everything was beyond wonderful. It was all organized and planned perfectly so there was no stress, making it so we could just enjoy the day.

We couldn’t have asked for anything better!

—Testimonial from Bethany and Craig, California, 2012

Jesus and Raina

Jesus and Raina

Timory! Two words: Simply Beautiful! Many thanks to you and your staff for coordinating and capturing one of the most memorable moments of our lives! Oh, and we can’t leave out Mother Nature – “Mahalo” for providing us with such an amazing backdrop (a double rainbow, two breaching whales and a bouquet sent from heaven – it doesn’t get any better then that). I am so happy to give this testimonial because you were all so friendly, personable and professional. Weddings can often become stressful and expensive but you all put our minds at ease, always available, organized and budget-friendly. Thank you! Anyone choosing your services will not be disappointed. We definitely give you and your staff at Aloha Ever After two thumbs up! Until we meet again, somewhere over the rainbow …

—Testimonial from Jesus and Raina, New Mexico, 2012

Yolanda and Garrett

Yolanda and Garrett

Doing these photos with you was one of the most fun things we did the entire time we stayed on Kauai!

—Testimonial from Yolanda and Garrett, Canada, 2012

Brandy and Kristopher's Wedding

Brandy and Kristopher

It took a stress load off me to work with Aloha Ever After, which with our busy lives was exactly what we needed! You really did take care of everything like you said on your website.

We always research everything and so we checked out Aloha Ever After. There was nothing but good reviews and happy customers – now we can see why. Our work is very demanding and we are so grateful that you really did take care of everything. We were able to arrive and step into everything just like you said.

We’ve been HIGHLY pleased with everything. Everything was so easy – even my hair turned out gorgeous. We’re nothing but pleased.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

—Testimonial from Brandy and Kristopher, Oklahoma, 2011

Susan and Tom


We would like to thank you again for the absolutely stunning pictures that you took at our Kauai Wedding.

Aloha Ever After was an absolute pleasure to work with. The coffee table wedding album will be a wonderful way to showcase your beautiful photography.

Thanks again for the wonderful, lasting memories.

—Testimonial from Susan, Arizona, 2011

Scotti and Carmen

Scotti and Carmen

Thank you so much! Our reception was great.

Our family was very impressed with your pics! Thanks for taking the extra time to change photo editing for us even after the job was “done”.

Thanks again!

—Testimonial from Scotti and Carmen, Washington, 2011

Heather and Dave's Wedding Day

Dave and Heather

The photos are absolutely beautiful…thank you so much! We had a difficult time choosing because of all the wonderful shots & I really liked the black & white ones.

Thanks again for everything. You have created many memories that we will treasure always.

—Testimonial from Heather and Dave, California, 2010

Justin and Mindy's Wedding Day

Mindy and Justin

We received the DVD and the pictures look great! You did a great job, especially given the circumstances.

We really appreciate all of your hard work into making it a special day.

Now we can look at pictures of our memories and it puts us back on the beach. The pictures look great and thanks for everything you did.

Thanks again.

—Testimonial from Justin and Mindy, Washington, 2010

Stephanie's Wedding Testimonial

Stephanie with 4 Bridesmaids

Thanks again!

You did a great job and our wedding was a dream. I wouldn’t have done it any differently.

—Testimonial from Stephanie, Arizona, 2010

Tamara and Fred's Wedding

Fred and Tamara

Timory is exceptionally unique. She made us feel comfortable and relaxed as our photographer. She had outstanding skills and creativity which left us with wonderful photos of our wedding.

We were extremely pleased with the results and have received so many compliments about our photos. The follow up service was highly efficient and professional and we had our photos back earlier than we expected.

We would highly recommend Timory to any couple looking for a photographer.

—Testimonial from Tamara and Fred, Canada, 2009

Karen and Mark's Wedding

Karen and Marc

Note to Smith’s Gardens: After returning we were highly disappointed in the pictures our family took. It certainly didn’t appear to be as magical as we had remembered. However, we were thrilled last week when our photographer e-mailed us several pictures she had taken. Timory had done a beautiful job on the pictures. We felt she did an amazing job capturing the magic we had felt that day.

We received the remaining 800 pictures in the mail today and are absolutely thrilled. Timory was even able to get smiles out of our one child who never smiles for pictures – a truly amazing feat! She was fully receptive to photo suggestions from us, but was also excellent at choosing poses, groupings and backgrounds. The photographs she took were day versus night compared to the photos we took. We will enjoy these pictures for many years.

Timory was able to get individual shots of all 13 of us, as well as group shots both at Fern Grotto and Smith’s Gardens. Her prices were highly affordable compared to other photographers.

Marc and I are primarily writing to highly recommend and encourage you to suggest Timory McDonald to your future wedding couples. Both the grotto and garden areas you have are breathtakingly beautiful. You certainly deserve a photographer as talented as Timory to capture that splendor and preserve the memories of your clients so well.

—Testimonial from Karen and Marc, Florida, 2009

Katie in her Wedding Dress


Timory was the most fantastic and helpful person to have in preparation of our wedding. She helped coordinate EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that we needed-not just the pictures, but any detail we could have imagined. From flowers, to lighting, to music – Timory helped with it all!

She provided us with extremely insightful advice, aided in negotiating very fair and reasonable rates, and was able to keep us very well informed with deadlines. She is every bride’s MVP! She is organized, punctual, thoughtful, and very professional. I seriously do not know how I could have coordinated everything without her help!

As far as her photography, it was incredible. Beyond words. She is able to capture detail and emotion beyond what words could explain. She is a true artist. Overall, we were just so pleased and continue to be so thankful for the opportunity to work with Timory. We can not thank her enough for everything!!!

—Testimonial from Katie, Texas, 2009

Corey and Katie

Corey and Katie

Although my new wife, Katie, summarized how awesome working with Timory was, I just wanted to add that as the groom, she made life extremely easy. She was super laid back but also kept all the guys in line. She made sure we all were on time and got some really great and funny pictures that are so special to have in memory of such a special day. She has also been so thoughtful after the wedding to make sure we had everything we needed and that we were pleased with how everything turned out.

Some people just “take your money and run”…But Timory is the furthest thing from that. You can tell she takes pride in her work and cares more than anything about her customers and their satisfaction. She is a rare gem! Talented, professional, & all around just a great person to work with! Thanks Timory! You are the best!!

—Testimonial from Corey, Texas, 2009

Heidi's Kauai Wedding


Getting married on a beach in Hawaii was a dream come true for me. Since the moment my fiancé and I discussed getting married I knew it would be on the island of Kauai. Then the real work began: at which beach would we get married and who would we use as a photographer?

I scoured the internet for wedding sites on Kauai and became fascinated with the Hanalei Colony Resort. Its remote location is perfect for the intimate wedding we wanted and the lush landscaping provides the tropical touch that was so important to me in my decision to marry in Hawaii.

We wanted these elements to be showcased in the photography. And Timory was able to pull it all together. Of course it’s impossible to depend on the weather to cooperate on Kauai’s north shore, but Timory worked with us and our small wedding party through wind and rain to capture our event forever in the best possible way. She focused on the other elements that made the day so special for us, such as family, location, incorporating the lush grounds, and the wedding party’s attire.

She exceeded our expectations with her determination and dedication to provide us professional pictures capturing that special moment in time, from the formal photos of my husband and I in the grassy garden area to the ensemble on the beach during the ceremony. I am thrilled with the outcome of our wedding and anticipate the day we return for additional fond memories.

—Testimonial from Heidi, Nevada, 2009

Robert and His Grandson

Robert and Grandson

I recently decided to have my photo taken with my grandson, and after asking around Kaua’i for a good photographer, chose Timory for the job.

Portraits are difficult enough to capture the right light, expression and look without having a bubbly, bouncing, mischievous 10 month old baby on your lap. Fortunately Timory had all the skill and patience necessary for the task and was quite adept at getting the baby to look at the camera and smile at the same time.

The photographs have turned out beautifully and will be a lasting keepsake of this wonderful time in our lives. The thing about photographs is you don’t appreciate them as much at the time as you do several years down the track. They are a wonderful emotional investment for yourself and future generations.

—Testimonial from Robert, Australia, 2009

Lila's Photo by Timory


Thank you so much for the pictures, they all came out gorgeous! The vibrancy is amazing, Great group photo too! I appreciate all your time & care.

Blessings & Mahalo,

—Testimonial from Lila, Kauai, 2009

Bobby and Patti's Wedding Day

Bobbie and Patti

The whole experience of the destination wedding was scary to me at first because I tend to be somewhat of a control freak. Everything was perfect and I would recommend all of you to any of my friends that wanted to get married in Hawaii. There would be one catch — they would have to bring me with them.

Bobbie and I are so thrilled with the photos of the wedding! They are all so beautiful and you have captured us so well. I normally am not one for showing pictures of myself but for some reason, I want to show these off — they are that beautiful.

I am serious when I say that you have captured our feelings in pictures. Both my mother and Bobbie’s mother have said after looking at the photos — that both of us look so happy and in love.

Again, thank you for sharing our special day with us. I hope to cross paths with you when Bobbie and I return to Kauai. Maybe it will be for one of our anniversaries and we will be asking you to snap some photos of us for prosperity.

—Testimonial from Bobbie and Patti, Illinois, 2009

Hope's Wedding Day


Aloha, our wedding was absolutely perfect!

We were blessed to have Timory to work with. From 4,000 + miles away she went above and beyond the “usual” requests to facilitate and enable the creation our very personal and specialized event.

I am so very pleased that it all came together so well, into true fruition. Mahalo!

—Testimonial from Hope, Michigan, 2008

Nicole's Wedding on Kauai


Timory was a wonderful and creative photographer, she was very understanding of our wants and took her time with each shot.

Our wedding photos came out amazing. Going through the photos makes me smile each time. Timory really captured our moment and how we both felt on that day.

I would recommend Timory to my friends and family. Thank you Timory for all that you did for us! Thanks again!

—Testimonial from Nicole, California, 2008

Bill and Stacy Kauai Wedding Destination

Bill and Stacey

On our wedding day we were so excited and it must have showed because when we walked out on the beach Timory walked right up to us and introduced herself.

The first thing we noticed was her smile and of course her camera. We felt at ease with Timory and trusted her ability as a photographer.

The photos were wonderful and captured the special day we will never forget.

—Testimonial from Bill and Stacey, California, 2007

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