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  • Kauai beach wedding music

    Kauai Beach Wedding Music

    Kauai beach wedding music is an overlooked aspect of a Hawaiian beach wedding. Many people know ahead of time that they want certain aspect of their wedding, such as photography or flowers. However budget limitation often cast a slight shadow of doubt when it comes to …

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  • Wedding Reception on Kauai

    Wedding Reception on Kauai – Hawaii Wedding Tips Part 6

    A wedding reception on Kauai comes in all shapes and sizes. There are so many options! Depending on your group size, you could have your wedding reception in a private room at a restaurant, or even book the whole restaurant for the night. You could …

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  • Wedding Photography

    Why Great Wedding Photography Is Important

    Great wedding photography is often overlooked when it comes to your big day. Many people think they can just get by with one of the guests taking candid shots of the ceremony and the bride and groom. The problem is: how many of those types of …

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  • Getting Married on Hawaii

    Getting Married in Hawaii? How to Choose which Hawaiian Island to Get Married On

    Getting married in Hawaii? From far away, it can be confusing knowing which of 4 beautiful and exotic islands to choose from for your beach wedding in Hawaii. Here is a brief breakdown of the 4 main Hawaiian islands based on my 10+ years living …

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  • Top 4 Kauai Wedding Photography Tips

    Here are our top 4 Kauai wedding photography tips, to ensure you get the most out of your Hawaii wedding photos: 1. Put your ring on slowly from underneath the hand, not from on top. If you put it on from underneath, the photographer can get …

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  • Wedding Flowers – Hawaiian Style

    Deciding on a beautiful tropical island setting on Hawaii’s Garden Island is perfect start for those yearning for a memorable Kauai wedding. Many brides will be happy to learn that the Hawaiian islands offer some of the most beautiful bridal flowers in the world. Many …

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  • Getting Over Commitment Phobia

    What is it about us guys and our commitment phobia? Ever since they were little girls, women look forward to their special day, their dream Hawaii wedding (or wherever), but most guys dread being tied down when they tie the knot. How can the average …

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  • Should your family be a part of – or apart from – your Hawaii wedding?

    As a wedding planner we have a lot of experience dealing with the families of the bride and groom. The most likely person to be involved is the mother of the bride (M.O.B.) and the sister of the bride. At Aloha Ever After we are …

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  • Kauai beach weddings

    What You Need to Know About Kauai Beach Weddings – and Hawaii Beach Weddings In General

    Kauai beach weddings are an extraordinarily beautiful way to get married. I did one myself, and I know from personal experience – it’s unforgettable! Here are the basics you need to know about Kauai beach weddings – and Hawaii beach weddings in general: 1. You …

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