Top 10 Things to Check to Save an Otherwise Fabulous Wedding Photo

If you’re getting married on a Hawaiian beach, make sure your wedding photos

come out just perfect by following these top 10 tips:

1. Highly Visible or Misplaced Bras. Bridal gowns are often strapless and falling down yet the bra often stays up higher in some place.

2. Hair in the wrong place or blowing funny. Wear your hair up!

3. Side boobs (depending on the dress and if your arms are up).

4. Smeared mascara (not just from crying, but also from the heat on those beautiful Hawaiian beaches).

5. Lipstick has worn off or is smudged above and below the lips so that it is no longer visible or looks like a clown (this happens often after the first kiss).  There is a simple fix: just bring more of it. Often there is a lull after the ceremony while the signing of the legal wedding license documents takes place. This is a great time to have someone grab your lipstick and mirror.


Cheesey smile for wedding photo

Watch out for overly-cheesey smiles on your wedding photo, too!

6. Inner part of wedding gown folding out.

7. Zipper or buttons pulling apart.

8. Flower hairpieces falling out or turning brown.

9. Lei and/or necklace falling off centered or looking funny.

10. Beads of sweat on the forehead (this one is much easier and better to fix at the time of taking photos, rather than trying to “Photoshop it” out later). It’s simple – just go take some pictures in the shade and/or rest for a minute.

Remember, it only takes one little thing to ruin an otherwise splendid wedding photo, so pay attention and you’ll be sure to create some wonderful “we just got married!” shots to treasure forever.

If you want some examples of Kauai wedding photos that did come out well, please visit our Kauai Wedding Photography Gallery.

About the Author

Timory McDonaldTimory is the owner, house photographer, on-site coordinator, and founder of Aloha Ever After. She is a world traveler and adventurer. She moved to Kauai in 1999 and loves the island beyond words. After traveling the world she had her option to live wherever she wanted to, and chose to both live and marry on the gorgeous island of Kauai. She is now the mother of two beautiful boys born on Kauai and in her profession she loves to help couples and families make their dream wedding become a reality on this island paradise. She has been a wedding planner and photographer for years. Connect with her on Google+View all posts by Timory McDonald →

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