Wedding Reception on Kauai

Wedding Reception on Kauai – Hawaii Wedding Tips Part 6

Wedding Reception on Kauai

This wedding reception on Kauai was put together for around $10,000, and included a large tent, catering, 70 guests, DJ, live music, fire dancing and more.

A wedding reception on Kauai

comes in all shapes and sizes. There are so many options! Depending on your group size, you could have your wedding reception in a private room at a restaurant, or even book the whole restaurant for the night. You could rent a private condo or vacation rental and throw a party there, possibly outdoors with a giant tent. You could use one of the many luxurious Kauai hotels and resorts as a place to hold your reception. Whatever wedding reception on Kauai you choose, we at Aloha Ever After can help.

Our video below gives you a great overview of where to begin:

So, how do you plan a wedding reception on Kauai?

A reception is not like a wedding when it comes to planning. Before planning a reception, it’s ideal (but not essential) to know approximately how many people will attend. This is unlike a typical Kauai beach wedding, which can be planned in exactly the same way regardless of the number of guests expected.

It may be helpful to think of the wedding reception as a different entity. There are three main sizes of groups you could fall into:

Wedding reception on Kauai: small groups (5-10)

For small groups of around 5-10, the easiest choice is a restaurant. Aloha Ever After would be happy to help with decorating! You could rent the entire restaurant out for the night if you want – or a small section or just a back room (the cheapest option). Many restaurants on Kauai are able to do this, but some restaurants may ask you to sign a contract specifying a minimum spending amount if you plan on reserving a private part or the entire restaurant.

Wedding reception on Kauai: mid-sized groups (10-25)

A mid-sized group of around 10-25 people is a common group number. There are a lot of options for this size. As with the above small group, you could use a restaurant in a variety of ways – private room, small section or whole restaurant. Alternatively, you could rent out a condo or vacation rental for the week (splitting the cost between many guests), and throw a party there on the day of the wedding for nearly no extra cost. There are many stunning and gorgeous properties on Kauai, some beachfront, some perched on cliffs, some with wonderful tropical flower gardens. Renting a tent may be too much for this sized group.

Wedding reception on Kauai: large groups (25+)

For a large group of 25+, the most popular option is using one of Kauai’s many hotels or resorts. We recommend the Kauai Beach Resort. Kauai has a Grand Hyatt and many other high-end hotels. This may be more expensive, but very classy, and well worth it! Otherwise, you could rent a vacation rental and then have a huge party – complete with a tent, catering, plates, cups, silverware, linens, chairs, tables, decorating, photography, videography, music, DJ, dance floor and more.

One thing to note with tent-type party receptions is that the cost is same for base setup, regardless of how many guests attend.

Finally, it is good to remember that you can keep your wedding reception on Kauai cost effective. We at Aloha Ever After know many ways to cut costs and keep within a budget. Likewise, we also know how to give your reception a Hawaiian flair, whether that be with fire-dancers or anything else.

We’d love to help plan your reception – just give us a call!

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