Get married on Kauai: the Exotic Wedding Destination

Why Get Married On Kauai?

So, why get married on Kauai?

To begin with, as a world traveler who has traveled to 45 countries, I consider Kauai to be the most beautiful place on earth. I could have chosen to get married and live anywhere in the world, but after seeing much of the world and traveling extensively, I chose to come back to Kauai and make her my home, again – it’s that good.

The Garden Island, Exotic and Gorgeous

Tropical Wedding on Kauai

A typical tropical beach wedding on Kauai

Kauai is the hidden jewel of the Hawaiian Island chain. It’s called the garden island because of its vast lush tropical diversity. Kauai is the getaway from the chaotic main island of Oahu, where people from the Hawaiian city of Honolulu and beyond go to get away from the rat race.

Kauai is a perfect blend of things to do in an exotic and gorgeous place, yet getting away from the things that distract us from who we really are and who we really want to be.

Kauai is the perfect choice for a destination wedding because you have a never ending choice of exotic places to choose from for the perfect wedding site. Beautiful long beaches, hidden jungle locations, private pieces of land overlooking the ocean, waterfalls, canyons adorned with rainbows, mountains, forest, jungle, cliffs, valleys, sand dunes…the choices go on and on.

Kauai’s Picturesque Settings

Kauai is the perfect place to get amazing wedding or honeymoon pictures taken.

How could you go wrong with one of the most beautiful settings in the world around you? All you need to do is decide what kind of scenery and backdrop you want behind your amazing wedding photography.

A Magical Paradise

Get married on Kauai, the exotic wedding destination

Get married on Kauai: it is truly an exotic wedding destination

Most importantly Kauai is magical. It really is.

Kauai has an uncanny way of manifesting that which you want and focus on faster than almost anywhere else on the planet. You will be amazed at how many times on your trip you are blown away by the synchronicity of how you were just talking about something…and just an hour or two later you find it (or a book about it, etc.) at some shop down the road.

Weddings/honeymoons happen anywhere everyday, but on Kauai dreams really do come true. Sounds corny? Come check it out and see for yourself!

About the Author

Timory McDonaldTimory is the owner, house photographer, on-site coordinator, and founder of Aloha Ever After. She is a world traveler and adventurer. She moved to Kauai in 1999 and loves the island beyond words. After traveling the world she had her option to live wherever she wanted to, and chose to both live and marry on the gorgeous island of Kauai. She is now the mother of two beautiful boys born on Kauai and in her profession she loves to help couples and families make their dream wedding become a reality on this island paradise. She has been a wedding planner and photographer for years. Connect with her on Google+View all posts by Timory McDonald →

  1. Kirk VandenBerghe
    Kirk VandenBerghe12-31-2011

    Well said, Timory. Kauai truly is a magical island, and a wonderful location to get married or renew one’s vows.

  2. David Bryce
    David Bryce04-16-2012

    Kauai is certainly magical. I have been there a few times and plan to return. Every time I visit I experience something new.

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